Black hat SEO Techniques

The black hat techniques are obey the Google guidelines. The main objective of the Search engine helps the users to provide the most relevant information. Google always considers through the special programs this webpage focus on the people or search engine. If the content is completely focused on the search engine, Google gives negative SEO rank called black hat SEO techniques. The optimizing steps without Google webmaster guidelines called black hat SEO techniques. In other words, the web page is focussing on the SEO rank and Google robots instead of help the people have considered as spamming techniques.
The Most common black hat SEO techniques are:
Black hat seo techniques
Black hat SEO techniques

Keyword Stuffing
Sneaky redirects
Doorway pages
Scraped content
Hidden Content
Duplicate content.

Keyword Stuffing:

According to the webmaster guidelines, keyword stuffing is a malpractice of over optimizing a web page by using targeted keyword. Without having a proper meaning, place the target keyword in different locations includes meta tags and content. The keyword stuffing is easily identified by the keyword density, the Google consider it as a spam web page.

Sneaky redirects:

The redirection is good for a website it’s ethical SEO technique, but it’s a black hat SEO when its violation of the Google guidelines.
For example Joomla non SEF URLs redirects to the Search engine friendly URL by using 301 redirects component, it’s good follows the Google’s guidelines.

Doorway pages:

Doorway pages are created with poor quality of content to optimize for a particular keyword. The website owner focuses to get top position on the search engine without proper meaning for affiliate linking.

For example wrote some optimized content 100 words rest of the content is on another website. The website automatically redirect to the destination webpage without user interaction by using <?php     header(‘Refresh: 100; URL=’);  ?> . It’s unethical SEO technique and considered black hat SEO.

Scraped content:

Some webmasters purchase or using the high quality content from already top positioned content and seems this content may increase SEO rank. This unethical technique is called Scrapped content. Most of the Article spinning techniques, republishing a single article in a different article submission sites are considered scraped content.

For example content is getting top position on the Search engine with a particular keyword, later that the website is closed, you want to add that content in another live website. Now the website won’t get top position with the target keyword because of its scraped content. Even the website is closed the content already indexed on the Google database.


Cloaking is a confusing both Search engine and online users’ eyes. It’s an unethical SEO technique and possible block the website permanently. Through clocking first the website gets good ranking, but ultimately the website loses all SEO ranking include Google page rank. The Website owner wrote content for search engine and writing for content for users in the same webpage. The website owner redirects these web pages by using different programs. The Online users and search engine both are hate these black hat SEO techniques.

Duplicate Content:

Most of the Junior SEO analysts make this mistake during article submission and free press release submission. The Google penguin easily identifies the original and duplicate content. They are submitting the content from their own sites or write a unique SEO content and submit in different article sites to get high quality backlinks. The Google considers such are duplicate content and index as spam sites, no use even submitted same content in different websites. The Google always respects the DMCA copyright and penalize whose copied content from the copyright site.

Hidden Content:

Some content writers hiding the text by using black hat SEO techniques. Hidden text is used to show the information to the search engine, but online users unable to see that content. For example a web page has a white background and text font has white color. The user can’t see such text, but Google spider considers the hidden text. It’s a black hat SEO technique, which focus on the Search engine, but not the online users.

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